Switzerland Doesn’t Exist

La Suisse n’existe pas (French for Switzerland doesn’t exist) was once used as the title for the Swiss exhibit at a World Exhibition. It set the Swiss media aflame with outraged indignation; despite that, it was nothing but a statement of fact. 

World’s Smallest Art Museum Reopened

The world’s smallest art museum has reopened after extensive restoration and conservation work to itself and its contents. The curators used the restoration period to produce a detailed video documentary which allows the visitor to take a virtual tour through the museum. 

Monaco and The Second World War

Like San Marino, Monaco was a neutral state during World War II. It was fiercely contested by Germany and Italy who had mutually exclusive ideas as to its future. Prince Louis II had been brought up in Germany and was a general in the French army. He played his connections for all they were worth in trying to keep the country afloat. 

Bohemia: A Desert Country by The Sea

Shakespeare gives the description of Bohemia, a desert country by the sea in his play A Winter’s Tale. While Bohemia is part of the Czech Republic and one of the greenest and most beautiful holidaying regions in Central Europe, there is system in the madness of Shakespeare’s description.