My Teddy Needs a Break

My Teddy was recently complaining. He felt overworked and desperately needed a break. While lying in bed all day might be your idea of relaxation, he thinks it’s just another day in the office. Luckily, there are options for Teddy’s holidays.

Teddy has a choice of things he may want to do on his holidays if you are prepared to be parted from him for some time. There is the attractive offer of Teddy Tours Lapland on one hand. They offer a package tour in Finland that would appeal to any discerning Teddy (or any other cuddly toy of similar importance).

The standard tour in Finland includes Teddy's hotel stay in Rovaniemi. In Rovaniemi, he will be treated to the sights of the town including its picturesque church and a visit to the Lappiatalo Theatre. From Rovaniemi, he will then travel to Arktikum and along the Lumberjack Candle Bridge to Ounasvaara. His travels will include crossing the Arctic Circle, visiting the Santa Claus Post Office (from where he will send a postcard home) and a personal visit to Santa Claus in his office.

If Teddy has earned a special treat, you might get him the luxury tour. A visit to the reindeer farm of Santa Claus and a sled ride, a snow mobile safari with ice fishing and an evening spent around a camp fire.

After his holidays, Teddy will return home refreshed and ready for work. He will bring home photos and videos of all the important steps of his holiday. Don’t you think your Teddy has earned it? After all, he has been with you for how many years?

Teddy Tours Lapland is not the inventor of the Teddy Tours. The original idea was spawned in Berlin, the town of bears. Teddy Tour Berlin offers holidays for Teddy since 2005.

If Teddy should opt for Berlin as a holiday destination, there are four tours on offer. The short Paparazzi Tour, the slightly more extensive compact tour (includes visiting the Reichstag), the exclusive tour (with Checkpoint Charlie), and the luxury tour (with Kurfürstendamm) all include visits to the Brandenburg Gate and photographs. The more exclusive the tour the more gadgets are included in it (the luxury tour includes a relaxation massage for Teddy as well).

The prices of all tours in Berlin include a donation to nestwärme e.V., a German charity looking after poor families and children. Not included in the tours above is a boating trip on the Spree, but it may be added as an option. Likewise, you might add a trip through the gay scene of Berlin (the tour price includes a donation to the German AIDS foundation).

And if you don’t have a Teddy yet, or are thinking of acquiring a fantastic Moomin Troll instead, they can be ordered with Teddy Tours Lapland including the trips and photos.

And now it’s time to have a talk to Teddy. I wonder what his choice of destination will be.

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