One of Exhibition: Saint Maurice at the Louvre in Paris

If you want to see one of the richest church treasuries in the world, then Paris should be your destination. Since March 14 and until June 16, the Louvre Museum presents the treasury of the Abbey of Saint Maurice in Valais, Switzerland (also called Abbey of Saint Maurice in Augaunum). The exhibition is a one of and not likely to be repeated within our lifetime.

750 Years City of Thun in Switzerland

In the Swiss city of Thun, the year 2014 will be marked by ongoing festivities, festivals,  and cultural highlights. The celebrations have been chosen to highlight and mark the work, cultural contribution, and political development of women in these 750 years. The reason for this extraordinary theme for a basically medieval jubilee lies in the person of the founder of the city: Countess Elisabeth of Kyburg.

Hobbit Museum in Switzerland

Tolkien fans might think they have to fly out to New Zealand to see the Shire. They are wrong. In October 2013, a Hobbit Museum opened its doors in Switzerland. Geographically in the tourist region called Heidiland, the region is an ideal holiday destination for families with children. For the parents, there are excellent local wines to test which the Swiss usually keep to themselves.

Delphi Mystery Writing

Sometimes, mystery novels are the better travel guides. Delphi is beautiful; and everybody knows about its temples and ruins. The landscape around and behind this tourist Delphi is mostly forgotten. This book takes you to God Apollo's Parnassus Mountain where Pan is still playing his flutes. If you want to look at Delphi from the other side, Mary Stewart is showing it all in a well written story.

New World Art Capital: Athens

If you are interested in art, then Athens should be the place to go to next. The art scene in Athens is booming. New cultural spaces open almost daily. Studios and apartments are turned into galleries. For artists, living in Athens is cheaper than elsewhere. Artist have moved their studios from London and Berlin to Athens. And art is seen in Athens, not only bought.

Buddha in Lapland

Have you ever considered visiting an extraordinary Buddha statue somewhere? How about the one that stands tall in Lapland, Sweden. The statue is maybe not the most ancient work of art, but its geographical location is out of the ordinary, and out of the way. To get there, you will need one of Buddha's great virtues: Patience.