Forgotten City of Kings: Solothurn

We all know London, where the kings and queens of England were crowned and where the United Kingdom crowns kings and queens today still; most might know Aachen as the place where the kings of the Eastern Franks were crowned, and Rome, where the Emperors and Empresses of Rome and later the Holy Roman Empire were crowned. But do you know Solothurn, where the kings of Burgundy were crowned for over 500 years?

How Baden-Baden Came by Its Name

The German town of Baden-Baden acquired that name officially in 1931. Before that, it was simply called Baden. Baden was a bathing spa in Roman times, and accordingly called Aquae like Bath. Both have the same meaning as Baden. How did this tautological weirdness come to pass?


Basel Tattoo; Are You Missing Out?

The Basel Tattoo has been established as the run-up to The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo for some years. It is the second largest outdoor Tattoo in the world after Edinburgh. The two Tattoos are closely linked and the Basel show arena in the historical city barracks is an exact copy in size and layout of Edinburgh's. This year, Basel does what Edinburgh doesn't: Horses. Are you missing out on something?